Monday, July 13, 2009

Pallet Walkway

I was talking with my boss today about the new house, and he mentioned something that I hadn't fully considered before. We were talking about all the things that we won't be able to actually have completed when we move in in January because of the weather.

Specifically we were talking about how when he moved into his house in February, there was no driveway, no sidewalk or stoop, nor a garage floor (!), and how by spring you couldn't even drive up the driveway any more because it was a giant mud pit.

I was expecting some of those things, but the lack of a garage floor would suck. As will not being able to drive on the driveway. I joked that I wondered if Linzy knew she had signed up for a full winter of parking the car outside. The dog will surely love the spring mud pit as well.

My current hope is that they can at least do the garage floor early enough in the process that we'll have that.

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