Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Rest of the Weekend

In addition to going to New Ulm, Linzy and I managed to fill up the rest of our Fourth of July weekend pretty well. On Friday evening we went over to Brenden and Allison's for homemade pizza and a trip to the Bloomington fireworks.

The fireworks were a bit shorter then last year (budget constraints I assume) but were still really good. There were two new fireworks that I noticed, one that exploded into a three dimensional wireframe cube, and another that had little mini-explosions as it shot into the air. The one with the mini-explosions didn't merely have a trail behind it, but instead left a visible shower with little starbursts periodically. It ended up looking like a crazy palm tree once the final explosion happened.

On Saturday Linzy and cleaned the house to get it back to showing-level cleanliness and then went over to my parents house for the afternoon/evening. There we got to spend time with them as well as my sister and brother-in-law and niece. It was a fun time of playing with the baby and having a good meal (during which at no point was everyone all at the table together, due to Evie needing attention). After dinner we chatted and then watched the crazy New York firework display on TV. They had at least six separate and synchronized firework displays going, all of which looked like the grand finale of the Bloomington fireworks, all the time.

On Sunday I went and played 4e D&D with Bill, Chris, Fred and Brenden and had a blast doing that, while Linzy met up with Allison and Robin for brunch and some shopping. By the time we got home and did a few chores around the house, Linzy's brother had called to say that he was going to be in town and wanted to come over for dinner with his new girlfriend. So we put together a quick meal and spent a while chatting with them after dinner.

The end result was a busy weekend, but one that was a lot of fun.

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