Thursday, July 16, 2009


As we inch closer to finalizing the sale on our house, the current popular topic of discussion at home is what exactly we are going to do all of the stuff we have. About half of our things are currently packed in my parent's basement but that still leaves a substantial amount of things to box up and nearly all of our furniture still to deal with.

Since the new house likely won't be done until January, we have quite a while to store things. Since we'll already be imposing on my parents I am not necessarily keen on completely filling their basement (it's about a third full now), nor am I interested in trying to move any significant portion of the furniture over there.

That leaves some sort of storage as being required. We're debating whether that means PODs (or something similar), or a regular storage unit. PODs would be convenient in theory, since they could show up at the house, go away for five months and then show up at the new house. On the other hand they are expensive and so we'd probably do the moving to/from the POD by ourselves so I'd have to hit up friends to help move things.

A consideration with that is the fact that when we moved into this house I promised all my friends (who at that time were moving each other yearly) that I would not ask them to help me move out. Also there is the question of how to best protect the stuff in the POD, as moving blankets turn out to be crazy expensive, and the slightly concerning reputation of PODs as not being particularly careful when moving PODs around and things getting damaged even when stuff is strapped down.

A storage unit would be cheaper, or would allow us to hire movers for at least one direction of the move to/from the storage unit. But there is a definite question about exactly how much space we would need for storage and just how expensive that would get, especially if there were movers involved transporting the stuff in both directions. I must admit that the thought of someone else having to carry the heavy crap is appealing. But I'm not sure it is appealing enough to spend $3,000 on it.

We're also having a difficult time estimating the amount of space we'll need since there is all kinds of stuff that really won't stack and so takes up a much larger amount of space then you would normally think. We don't have as much furniture as many people, but we still have a disturbing amount when I think about trying to cram it and the garage and deck contents all into a 10x20 storage unit.

I'm sure we'll figure something out, but any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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McBrideFarm said...

John's comment, as a former mover, is that a moving company will store your stuff for you, doing the moving to/from the houses for you as well. Though it will be pretty pricey. That would probably be most convenient, if not most economical.

Otherwise, he suggested looking for old/used moving blankets online instead of renting them. And he said movers would be able to help you figure out how much space you'd need to store your stuff. And the more you pay for your movers, the more likely they are to be careful with your stuff, in his opinion.

Sounds like a huge pain! I hope you figure something out.