Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My vehicle is coming up on nine years old this fall. It's been a very good car, reliable and relatively inexpensive to maintain. The main issue with it has been it's propensity to eat through tires every 40,000 miles. The current tires have been cupped for quite a while, and I promised Linzy after the last oil change that prior to the next one I would have gotten new tires.

Of course, I drive roughly two miles a day, so the time between oil changes can be substantial. Plus at that point I had already practically made it through winter and it seemed silly to get brand new tires just as the roads were clearing up.

Thus four months later I am still rolling around on bald tires, getting close to needing an oil change. Last week I started hearing this weird banging noise occasionally when I would go around a corner or over a bump. I was afraid it was a strut going out, and after one ride where the noise happened frequently I looked under the car and noticed that the muffler was completely loose and swinging back and forth.

The trouble is that because the tires are totally bald I can't bring it in anywhere immediately to have the muffler fixed. The last oil change the guys were threatening not to let the car leave, so I'm sure this time they would pitch a fit about the tires. And because I'm getting the tires from Sam's Club, it takes a week or so for the tires to come in stock.

So in the mean time I am driving around on bald tires and in fear that at some point the whole muffler will fall off.

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Olie said...

I believe that Phillips used twist ties to hold his on on the car he had in high school.