Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ever since I got back from India, I've been meaning to send in my passport for renewal. Since I don't have any international trips planned, though, this has been a relatively low priority.

The first delay came because of my Indian visa, which I wasn't sure how to get moved to the new passport (turns out you have to get the renewal first, and then send in the old and new passport to have the page transferred). Because of the hours of the place that we use to handle passport things, this took quite a while before I finally found time to call them during the day.

Then there was a delay before I got around to filling out the forms. And once I did, of course, I didn't have my passport at work so I couldn't mail anything in. I brought that in the next day, intending to go get passport pictures taken the next day over lunch.

Of course that didn't happen, and so more days went by until the next weekend when I got around to getting the pictures taken. So then on Monday I brought everything into work ready to send the packet off for renewal.

But then I didn't get to it until Tuesday. Only to realize as I was reading the instructions one last time that I had to write out an actual check to the government for the renewal, in addition to giving my credit card to the processing company (seriously?). Of course I didn't have a check with me, so everything went back into the drawer for another day.

So today I finally had everything together to FedEx off, and right before I sealed the package I realized that I had forgotten to include one critical item: my current passport. Good thing I noticed before I mailed it out.

On the other hand, that would have just been one more delay in a process that has taken an astounding two months for me to get going on.

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