Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lesson Learned

Let's just say hypothetically that you left the office at the normal time (5:45pm) to catch your 5:50 bus, only to watch is zoom by 4 minutes early, while you are still over a block away. So you start walking up the street sad that you'll have to take the 6:00pm tour-of-Apple Valley bus that takes forever to get home.

But then you see the light rail and you think to yourself: "Self, maybe I can talk the light rail right there down to the Mall of America and then catch a feeder bus back to Apple Valley.". You might even pull out your phone and check the schedules, determine it should work and hop on the train.

Except that it takes 3 minutes longer then you expect to get to the Mall of America and so you miss the feeder bus by a couple minutes. No problem, right? They run all the time. Except not that late apparently, because the next one isn't until 7:30. An hour away.

So you'll get to spend an hour of your life waiting with some very colorful characters for the next bus. There's the guy chewing tobacco and spitting it on the ground rather then in a bottle. And the wanna-be talking about how he can sell a kilo no problem, and asking whether you know his boy Chris Smith. Just to add to your experience, the 7:30 bus will be slightly late.

Then, of course, it takes the tour of Apple Valley route you were trying to avoid in the first place. So you actually end up getting to the station at around 8:15. Or an hour and fifteen minutes after you would have if you had just waited for the 6:00pm bus.

Not that I would know anything personally about this sort of debacle, of course. If it did happen to you, though, I would think you might have learned an important lesson about patience.

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