Monday, August 03, 2009

Movies: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

On Sunday Linzy and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I've written about three Harry Potter movies: boring, "Okay but not great" and boring. The new one fit right in as pretty dull, to the point that I checked my watch at least once. Even Linzy, who likes nearly all the movies we go to see in the theater, was disappointed.

In general I just found the movie feeling far too much like a poorly-written middle book in a trilogy. A book that does everything it has to, to set up the final book, but not anything particularly noteworthy to stand on its own.

If I had to pick things that were good, I'd say that I liked the overall dark atmosphere of the movie. I thought the movie did a good job setting a tone of fear and uncertainty for the students and teachers at Hogwarts. The special effects of Dumbledore's raging fire in the cave was pretty awesome as well. That, of course, was in the last twenty minutes, when almost all Harry Potter movies finally get moving.

Bottom line, I thought the movie was, just like virtually every other Harry Potter movie, about 30-45 minutes too long. They had plot lines to set up for the final book, and a few interesting things happened, but overall everything felt rather unsatisfying.


Brenden said...

We just saw it last night and I have to pretty much mostly agree with you. Alas.

Shawn said...

Same here. It was bad enough that I will most likely not see any more in the theaters. Especially when I asked someone who read the books, if my assumption on how it ends was correct. And... I was correct. I hate predictability.