Monday, September 28, 2009

Eighteen Days

IMG_0584The topic of much conversation at the Eck household these days is the progress on the new house. Specifically, how long framing is going to take. Even after framing there is a lot of work to do on the house, but given that it is nearly October in Minnesota a key concern for delays is the weather. And having the framing complete means that delays will back to things like "We can't find the right ceramic tiles", or "The HVAC guy totally said he would come today and then didn't show", but not "It's rained all week and so we couldn't do anything".

Framing is something that, while involved, should actually be pretty quick especially if you are banging out another copy of a house you've built 8 of in the past three years. So as the builder was getting ready for framing last week, there was much debate about exactly how long framing should take.

The consensus for Linzy and I was about two weeks with a crew of around 5 guys. In talking with the builder, they say 18 days. And it wasn't a 'think about it' type answer, he knew immediately. Having never framed a house, nor watched a house be framed, I have no sense of whether this is long or not. But to my totally uninformed thoughts it seems long.

It seems to me with a crew of five guys you could have one guy cutting boards to length and two crews of two putting the sticks together. Since a significant portion of the boards are the same length it seems like the cutting would go fast. And then with nail guns the assembly would go quick. Assuming lumber keeps getting delivered as you need it, a day or two for the basement/foundation, four days for the first floor, four days for the second floor, and a day or two for the roof seems like it would pretty much get it done.

It's all academic at this point, but I will be interested to watch the progress and compare it against my official schedule of where my crew would be.

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