Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Location Awareness

Last week my passport renewal was completed and I got an e-mail on Thursday saying that it was winging its way back to me via overnight FedEx. By the time I got home on Friday evening I had kind of forgotten about the package, until Linzy and I were coming back from a walk with the dog. At that point I checked the front porch and couldn't find the package.

Thinking perhaps I hadn't done overnight delivery back, I checked the tracking, only to find out that the package said it had been delivered. So then I really started to wonder and checked the front porch, the front door, and the garage. Plus my Mom was home at the time of the delivery but wasn't home that evening, so I checked the entire house thinking maybe she had accepted the package and had left it inside somewhere. Still no package to be found.

So I called FedEx to ask what happened, and of course at that point it was late on Friday night and there was no one to talk to at the Bloomington center. Which meant it was going to wait until Tuesday.

All weekend I was expecting one of the neighbors to stop by with the package, assuming it had been delivered to the wrong address. But then again, this was FedEx, so you don't really expect that kind of US Postal Service behavior.

No package showed up, and so it was back to waiting for the driver to figure out what had happened. It turned out that he had delivered the the house across the street (say, 608 rather then 609). The people there claimed that they didn't realize there was a house 609 and so hadn't know what to do with the package.

Cause, you know, it's the house across the street. That whole orderly odd/even street numbering is pretty tricky.


McBrideFarm said...

Seriously?! The house right across the street? Didn't they recognize your name at least? Weird.

Steve Eck said...

It was actually more diagonal, but the point is the same. So it isn't the people we used to babysit for, that would have been even more insane.

John said...

Still weird, yeah! They couldn't just look out the window at addresses? But I'm glad it at least wasn't the people right across the street! That would have been very bizarre.

McBrideFarm said...

oops, that was me, obviously...not John. :P