Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Record

At work we don't have a specific dress code, but as with most things that I can control, I tend to follow a routine. In the summer I usually wear polo shirts and in the winter I usually wear button-down dress shirts.

For the dress shirts, because I'm far too cheap to pay for dry cleaning and too lazy to iron my shirts, I am pretty particular about what kind I have. They need to be made of a material that doesn't get too wrinkled even after months of no ironing, and ideally I like button-down collars. Again, because I'm not going to iron anything, don't wear ties, and the button-down collars tend to stay a little nicer looking then the regular collars with plastic straighteners.

The trouble with the plastic straighteners is that in a lot of shirts they aren't stitched in, so they get lost in the washer/dryer. A few weeks ago Linzy bought me some new dress shirts she found on clearance at Macy's. Last week when I went to wear it for the first time, I realized that one of the plastic collar straighteners had already been lost. At that point it had only been washed once, and never worn, yet already the plastic piece had been lost. Which had to be a new record.

Luckily the shirt came with two extra collar pieces, but at this rate in a couple weeks the shirt's collar will be a lost cause.

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