Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Jaywalking

On my way home from work today, I was stopped at an intersection and watched a lady jaywalking across the street at an intersection. This was across half a four-lane divided highway, and while she was crossing at a crosswalk, it was against traffic. After she made it across the first two lanes and had stopped in the median to wait for the light, not one but two cops pulled up and stopped in the middle of one of the lanes of traffic to question her.

And not just roll by slow and say "Don't Jaywalk" or something, but actually turned on the flashing lights and stopped right in the middle of an intersection blocking traffic and got out to hassle her. By the time the light changed they had already gotten her id and the second cop was getting out of his car to 'assist'.

It seemed pretty crazy. Admittedly she shouldn't have been jaywalking, but having two city cops blocking traffic on a busy road seemed unsafe as well. I guess things were slow on the police patrols this afternoon. It's also a reminder that jaywalking with two cops sitting at the light on the other side of the intersection might not be the best plan.

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