Monday, September 14, 2009

Recent Movies

Over the past few weekends Linzy and I have been watching a few movies at home. We've had a pretty bad stretch recently.

Max Payne - I never played the video game, but I am aware of it and the 'bullet time' feature. I'm not even sure why exactly this was on the queue, but it just showed up at home one week and so we watched it. The movie was really not very good. The plot was simplistic and predictable, and the acting was uninspired. I was bored, though some of the special effects were kind of cool.

I Love You Man - I added this to our queue after my Dad mentioned that someone had told him it was hilarious. Not so much. It had funny moments (though not the kind you should be watching with your parents), but overall I found most of the humor to be of the 'behavior so awkward it is hard to watch' variety. There were a few really amusing parts, and they did feature Rush, so it wasn't all bad.

Fast and Furious - Not to be confused with The Fast and The Furious, this was the fourth movie in the street racing series. I've only seen the first movie and parts of the second and Tokyo Drift. But I did enjoy the first movie. The fourth was more of the same, and actually better then I was expecting. Some of the racing was exciting, and things kept moving along fairly well. It wasn't particularly good, but was clearly the best of the last three movies we've watched at home.

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