Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Movies

I watched two movies over the past couple weeks.

Glengarry Glen Ross was the first one. I picked it up because it was mentioned in Boiler Room or some other movie and I had never heard of it. When I looked it up and saw all the big names in the film, I was like "Oh, must be good". Unfortunately it was far too slow for my tastes. I enjoyed Alec Baldwin's opening rant, and a few of the other parts, but in general I was bored and wishing things would move along.

Get Smart was the second. This was chosen because I thought Linzy and my Dad would enjoy it, and actually it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. You had to be in the mood for silly humor, but that was true of the old TV series so that shouldn't come as a surprise. The physical humor was pretty good, and I also enjoyed the two computer geek characters. All in all it was far better then I thought it would be (but keep in mind I was expecting cringe-worthy terrible).

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