Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ear Trim

DSC_4056Pippen went in today for her twice yearly haircut. Around 11am Linzy called me at work to say there had been an accident at the grooming parlor and they had cut Pippen's ear. She described them as having 'glued the ear', which I was envisioning as them having totally snipped the ear off and were trying to glue it back together.

Apparently there is a vet right next door, and since they couldn't get the bleeding stopped they took Pippen over there for assistance. It was the Vet who was doing the gluing, not the grooming place thankfully. They had originally told Linzy that if we wanted there not to be a notch, they had to put Pippen under so that they could stitch up the ear.

We made the call more-or-less sight unseen to not put Pippen through anesthesia. Which after seeing the cut would have been totally ridiculous, because it is very small. Pippen appears to be no worse for wear after the injury, and in fact was claiming to me tonight that it gave her 'street cred' and made her look more rough-and-tumble.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is quite a little notch out of the ear! I can't imagine she'll be very excited for the next trim.

Shawn said...

So did you at least get a refund on the hair cut?

Steve Eck said...

Mom, She really didn't seem to care. Supposedly she didn't even cry when her ear got nipped. She certainly seems fine now.

Shawn, Of course :), plus a free one next time if we dare bring her back to the same place.