Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hardbat Classic

Today in between watching some football, I watched some of the Bud Light Hardbat Classic table tennis tournament. I stumbled upon the tv coverage randomly while flipping between channels and then ended up being hooked. Growing up we had a ping pong table and I spent played pretty regularly with my Dad and family, and then played a bit when I was in the college dorm.

Watching the long rallys and crazy return shots brought back memories of playing in our basement. Perhaps not accurate memories, but at least memories of trying to make those behind the back looping returns.

Looking at the details of the tournament handicapping system after the fact took some of the magic out of it, because it explains why the Pro players had such a difficult time playing the average players, and why some of the matches were not as close as you would think they should have been. But I still found it interesting to watch and start thinking about whether I can fit a ping pong table in the new basement.

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