Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poor Planning

For several reasons, I've had a bit more free time on my hands the past month or so, which has allowed for some more video game playing then normal. A couple weeks ago I finished Shadow Complex and then finished Gears of War 2 (which I was about 50% finished with already) the following weekend. Since then I've been trying to figure out what I would be playing next as Grand Theft Auto 4, the other game I didn't put in storage, wasn't really keeping my interest. Eventually after some thinking, I settled on Fallout 3.

I decided to hold out for the Game of the Year edition, because that came with all five DLC packs and so seemed like a good deal. That version didn't come out until Tuesday (10/13) and I decided to save some money and finally use the credit I had gotten from trading in old DS games this summer.

Now in general I am morally opposed to used game trade-in business, for more reasons then I could list here but primarily because I feel that it takes advantage of young kids who have games but no money. They have limited options for getting rid of the games (especially before the rise of Craigslist) and the used game stores give poor trade-in value and over-charge for used games. Including charging more for used games then the going price of a new copy. There's a benefit of convenience, but the stores have various means to lock their customers in so that they are more-or-less forced to keep their business at one chain.

Anyways, one of these means is to stock few if any new games, and push consumers to used games. Which I am well aware of, but didn't really think through relative to wanting Fallout 3: GOTY the week that it came out. Of course the store didn't have any, and would have wanted to sell me a used copy instead (despite the fact that wouldn't have had the DLC).

Since I failed to consider this problem, I was in a position of wanting the game so I could play it this weekend, but now couldn't even get it from Amazon and save a few bucks, so I ended up paying more at Best Buy. Plus I didn't have my gift cards on me at the time, so instead of getting it for free (at the used game store) or for a reduce price (through gift cards or Amazon), I ended up paying full price for it just to have it 'now'.

Very poor planning and patience. And on top of that, I haven't been terribly impressed with the game, as the pacing is fairly slow and combat is far too frequent and takes forever to beat even weak enemies (fire ants for example). Perhaps I should have bought Borderlands.

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