Monday, October 19, 2009


Normally once I fall asleep, I sleep like the dead until the morning. Because of this, I very rarely actually remember any dreams that I have, and even more rarely actually have nightmares. My sister remembers all kinds of crazy dreams, but I don't remember a thing except turning off the light the night before.

Last night for some reason I had a terrible time sleeping. I kept waking up cold, or hot, or at some unexpected sound, and because of this I remembered a few of my dreams. The strangest one was not strange in terms of what happened, but it was basically a nightmare, that when I go to do my presentation next week in London, that I looked like an idiot and mess it completely up.

Which is just bizarre, because I'm really not worried about the presentation. Or at least I thought I wasn't, prior to this, when clearly I secretly am.

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