Sunday, November 29, 2009

House: Week 11

DSC_4716It had been well over a week since I had last been out to the house, when we stopped by this weekend and there was major progress on the outside. The garage floor was poured, the driveway was in, and the exterior was painted. That was exciting news as we weren't expecting either the painting or the driveway.

The mild weather this November enabled them to complete things that were going to wait until spring. In the case of the driveway, that will save us from parking in the street all spring after the snow melts and the driveway turned into a mud pit.

Unfortunately on the inside, there wasn't such dramatic progress. The mudding and taping was all finished, and the knockdown ceiling was applied and painted. They also sanded all of the floor joints. Lots of work, obviously, but nothing that makes for a major difference when you walk in.

Looking ahead on the schedule, we should have more visible changes as the cabinets and trim are installed. Progress has gotten to the point now where it is getting very hard to remember that we still have two months to go.

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