Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On the Road Again

Tomorrow morning I leave for Boston, taking what is hopefully the last work trip until next year. This will mark my second week-long trip in a month, and when you throw in a random trip to Chicago in between, it feels like I've been doing a lot of traveling lately.

This trip will be good as it is the culmination of 5 months worth of planning a move project. At this point we've gotten everything done that we possibly can in advance, so it's just a matter of doing it. I'm looking forward to having everything completed.

Interestingly, despite the clustering of trips at the end of the year, I actually only had 5 business trips this year. That's one less then last year's six trips and right in the 'every other month' ballpark that I typically tell people who ask how much travel I do.

The trips this year were a bit longer this year then the average trip last year, so I ended up being away 36 nights total for the year:

March - 5 nights (Boston)
Jun - 12 nights (India)
July - 4 nights (Boston)
October - 9 nights (England)
November - 6 nights (Boston)

In 2007 I was away 44 nights, in 2008 it was 29 nights. Despite this being the third year of looking back at travel amounts, I still don't have a good handle on what normal will be. Since my job responsibilities keep changing, the travel requirements have changed with it.

I would assume that next year will bring more change, possibly a few more, shorter trips. It seems unlikely that it will bring significantly less travel overall.

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