Thursday, November 12, 2009

Total Agreement

At my cousin's wedding last weekend, I sat next to my cousin Barb and her son Marcus. Marcus is about 11 and a very good kid. I talked to him for a while about video games (he likes Call of Duty). After a while the talk moved to TV shows, when I asked if he still liked the Simpsons, which was his favorite show when I saw him last. The conversation went like this:

Me: So, do you still like the Simpsons?
Marcus: Yes, but I like South Park too.
Me: Oh, you like South Park?
Marcus: Yeah, I like Cartman.
Me (to Barb): Mom is OK with you watching South Park?
Barb: Yes. No Family Guy though.
Marcus: I like Family Guy.
Me: So you let him watch South Park but not Family Guy?
Barb: Yep
Me: Seems kind of arbitrary.
Marcus: Yeah!!

Barb just looked at me and rolled her eyes. Immediately after I said it, I felt bad. But Marcus' agreement was pretty funny, and the distinction did seem kind of arbitrary.