Sunday, December 06, 2009

House: Week 12

DSC_4724Last week the progress on the house was all exterior work, with painting, driveway installation, etc. This week it was all about the interior.

The baseboard and window trim was installed. All the doors were hung, and virtually all cabinets were put in place, with the exception of the kitchen island. The trim, doors and cabinets really make the place look like a house as there are very few visible holes in the floor left, closets are closed off, etc.

In addition, the furnace has been installed along with what looks like all the venting and the fireplace was put in. While we were at the house the painter was dropping off equipment so that he can start painting and staining the place on Monday.

I'm excited to see what the house looks like, especially after seeing the stained fireplace.

DSC_4719 DSC_4718


Robin said...

that staircase looks pretty sweet!

Steve Eck said...

Thanks. We really liked the staircase, I've been anxious to see how it will look.