Monday, December 21, 2009

House: Week 14

DSC_4830Last week in house construction was a slow one, reminiscent of the week (or more?) where they kept working on finishing the roof sheathing very, very slowly. At one point we were three days or more ahead of the theoretical schedule, but now things have slowed down to the point where we appear to be right back on schedule.

There was some progress, the second coat of paint was put on all the walls, and looks very nice. Not too many noticeable drips, nor areas where it was put on too thin. They also installed the garage doors and openers. The tiling was started, they got tiles on the shower and bathtub in the master bathroom, and put down the cement board in all the other rooms.

That's something, I guess, but not quite as much as we were hoping for. This week will be relatively uneventful, with most of the week spent finishing the ceramic tile. It should be interesting to see how they stick to the schedule around the holidays, as it only has three days 'off', Christmas, New Years Day, and the Monday after New Years.

Despite my complaining, we do continue to inch towards completion at the end of January, and I am getting pretty excited.

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