Wednesday, December 09, 2009


DSC_3803Back in 1998, when I was still in college my parents did a major remodeling on their kitchen. Floor, cabinets, appliances, counters, everything. During the process (which was lengthy) there was an extended period of time when the former above-the-stove microwave would be removed and the new one could not be installed because the cabinets wouldn't be done. So my parents bought an inexpensive counter-top microwave to use temporarily.

About 6 months later, I was done with college and moving into an apartment and was in need of a microwave. By that time the kitchen was done, so I inherited the extra microwave. While it wasn't the fanciest microwave, it worked well enough for my purposes and so I never bought anything newer/better. Eventually it moved into the apartment Linzy and I had, during which the display broke. Not completely, but the numbers started not showing up completely or segments would flash on and off.

Not a big deal, and it didn't affect the actual operation of the microwave, so again we never bought anything newer/better. That microwave traveled with us to the old house and lasted another 8 years there.

Then this summer we sold the house. The first offer we got on the house had the usual clauses written in for various things they wanted, including appliances. They didn't list the washer and dryer, but they did write in by hand 'Microwave' on the purchase agreement.

Linzy and I were both highly amused that they took the time to write in our 11 year-old, $50, discolored, broken-display microwave. I assume they didn't know the display was broken and were just writing up the same purchase agreement language the Realtor always used. But it was pretty funny to imagine if we wanted to haggle over the microwave and that became the deal breaker. Especially since the new house comes with a much fancier microwave, making the counter-top model completely superfluous.

[ In the picture above, was the microwave display on a relatively good day, displaying 8888. You can also kind of see how the whole side with the control panel had yellowed compared with the rest of the microwave ]

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