Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shiny Couches

 Linzy and I have been on a serious hunt lately trying to find new furniture for the family room of the new house. If you are familiar at all with Linzy and I, we've been looking for a family room couch for...oh...about as long as we've been married. So you can probably safely lump us into the 'picky' category.

After exhausting all the usual suspects last weekend, tonight we went way off the board and hit Becker furniture outlet, Bassett Furniture, and somewhere I haven't been for probably 8-9 years, Slumberland.

Long ago I wrote off Slumberland, and the only reason we went there tonight was because we had gone through Bassett and Becker in 25 minutes and it felt silly to go home that quickly. So I talked Linzy into going into Slumberland for fun.

And it was amusing. I'm pretty sure they had much of the same furniture they did when I was in college and Slumberland was acceptable. In addition, they did allow me to win my bet with Linzy that they would have a new (not floor model) leather-look couch and loveseat combo for less then $1000. That piece of loveliness is pictured above in all of its shiny, plasticy glory.

It felt about like you would expect, that is terrible, but we got a good laugh out of it. We did find two couches that were reasonably comfy, but they bordered on ugly and were not as cheap as you might expect.

And so the search continues.

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Brenden said...

Ah the joys of furniture shopping. I remember when Allison and I were shopping for our couch. Allison absolutely did not want microfiber and, in general, neither of us like leather (in hindsight it was because we had only seen and felt cheap, plasticky leather and pleather.

So we hit Becker Furniture World up towards Albertville. We were walking through the couch section and a saleslady came up and after a bit mentioned the "sale hallway" that was near by. We walked over there to take a look at what was for sale. As we walked into the hallway the saleslady asked us:
"So, do you like leather or microfiber?"

Allison and I looked at each other and came up with some neutral answer on the spot, (probably something like "We're looking at both"), walked up and down the hallway feeling the microfiber and cheap leather, and walked out not long after, without a couch.

It is really too bad that Macy's Home doesn't have their outlet center anymore.