Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I had a good Thanksgiving this year, like basically every year. What's not to like about spending time with family, eating all kinds of good food, and getting extra time off work?

Back at work this week, of course, the topic of conversation the past few days was how the holiday was for various people, what they did, etc. The interesting thing about Thanksgiving is that basically everyone does something for it, which means almost everyone feels safe asking others about it.

Where as for something like Christmas, everyone dances around actually asking what people did for Christmas, asking how their holidays were, or whether they enjoyed the extra time off work, etc. Only with closer work friends do people seem to talk about the actual holidays, once they know it is a mutual subject.

When we were in England on the other hand, even though it was the end of October, the big topic of conversation at the office was making plans for a fancy office Christmas dinner. Where to go, who could come what day, whether other groups had made their plans yet, etc. Not a "holiday party", or "end of the year dinner", it was always called a Christmas dinner.

I thought the difference was interesting.

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