Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The new bus route I take has many more buses then the previous route, so the buses tend to be less crowded in general with no standing required. Last week I happened to end up on a relatively crowded bus home. It was one of the smaller buses where the back is a U-shaped area of seats, three parallel to the walls of the bus facing each other and another five across the back of the bus.

This arrangement tends to feel like you are much closer to people because on the side seats there are three people crammed on each side, and you are staring at the people directly across the aisle. In addition to the people in the back seat are staring right at the people in the side seats.

Anyways, this day all but one seat on the bus was taken, and I ended up in the back U section. Directly across the aisle was a guy sitting sideways on his seat taking up two spots, looking directly at the other person sharing the bench.

Sidesaddle-guy was on his cell phone the entire bus ride home breaking up with his girlfriend. Loudly.

There is not much comfortable about being in close proximity to someone who is ranting into the phone about someone's flaws, while loudly denying the flaws they are being accused of. The craziest part was when in the middle of a tirade the guy goes "Wait, I have to go, there's another call". Hangs up, takes another short call in a relatively normal tone of voice, and then immediately hangs up, calls the girlfriend back and starting ranting again.

It was entertaining.

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