Sunday, January 03, 2010

Best Laid Plans

DSC_4916Here it is, the final night before heading back to work, signaling the end of the holiday season and I have yet to post even a single "Merry Christmas" post. In some ways, the lack of posts are an indication of the fun, but busy holiday week that I had. There was plenty of time off of work to spend with family and friends, and lots of activities to avoid boredom. Things didn't exactly get off to a smooth start, however.

On Wednesday before Christmas Eve, I had an eye appointment and arranged to stop by the house without Linzy knowing. Originally we had hoped to be in the new house by Christmas, but with the lengthy building process that wasn't going to happen. So I wanted to surprised Linzy by putting a little tree and present in the house without her knowing.

The idea was to drop it off late Wednesday afternoon and then make up a reason to go by the house on Christmas Eve morning when the ceramic tile crew would be there (so the house would be open) and she would be surprised. Which would have been a good plan except for the foot of snow we got on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.

I still created a reason to go with Linzy to the gym that morning, and Sarah came along which gave the perfect excuse for stopping by the house. Except of course the tile crew hadn't shown up for work and so we couldn't get into the house to see the tree. I was quite disappointed, but she did eventually see it the following week.

Then on Christmas day we were supposed to be going to Duluth to see Linzy's family. But they were getting the same storm we had the previous day, totaling two feet of snow plus freezing rain, making a huge mess of the roads. So we had to delay our trip until later in the weekend.

On Monday my parents were in Chicago visiting Grandma, and Sarah and John were in Iowa visiting John's family. Linzy and I came back home, only to discover that the house was locked and we didn't actually have a key. Nor did any of the neighbors. We considered trying to wait the 6 hours until Sarah and John got back, but since we had Pippen in the car there weren't really any options for where to spend all that time with a dog.

In the end, we had to call a locksmith. $150 and 5 minutes of work later, we were able to get into the house. After that, things settled back down to roughly normal. Or as normal as things can be with six people, a dog and a 1 year old living in the same house.

All in all we all had a lot of fun, and it was really nice to be able to have five days off work in just a little over a week as well as spend all that time with friends and family.


Sarah said...

Now what kind of dope would lock you out of the house?! :P

Steve Eck said...

Probably the same kind of dope who doesn't have keys for the house they have been living at for 5 months. :P