Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Honest Face

Last week when Linzy, Pippen and I were locked out of the house, we ended up calling a locksmith. The process of finding a reputable-seeming locksmith via the internet was a bit sketchy but we eventually found one who could come by in a reasonable amount of time. On the phone we were quoted $39 for the service call, plus labor. After a bit of waiting, an unmarked car showed up and two young guys in all-black snowsuits and aviator shades got out with a toolbox.

They asked for ID, which I provided. Of course, my id still has our old address on it. I explained the story, parents house, they're in Chicago, sister and brother-in-law in Iowa, no key, etc, etc. The guy looked at me, looked at the ID, and asked if he could speak to the home owner.

I said sure, pulled out my own phone, called my dad and handed the phone over. My Dad more-or-less said 'it's OK' and we were off. The second guy used picks to set the tumblers and a screwdriver to manipulate the mechanism and we were in. Total time, maybe 5 minutes. They didn't even use their own WD-40, claiming they had 'run out'.

Regardless of whether you bought into the thought that your locks were actually able to keep people out of the house, consider that a guy with no matching id, and a random person on a phone was able to arrange for someone else to pick that lock in 5 minutes. It took longer for them to run the credit card via a phone call to the home office. Yikes!

Lucky for me I have an honest face.

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