Monday, January 04, 2010

House: Week 15 & 16

DSC_4963With everything else that was going on Christmas week, some unexpected plan changes, and various vacation schedules we weren't able to get out to the house for about two weeks. At this stage, that meant a lot had changed between visits.

The biggest milestone was that the ceramic tile was finally completed. Those guys ended up being way behind schedule, and since everything else hinged on their being complete, that threw everyone else off. But now that that is complete, there has been a flurry of activity.

In addition to all the ceramic tiling, we also got the kitchen countertops installed, the laundry room counter, all the inside lights put up, light switches and outlet covers everywhere, the furnace and water heater were finished, all of the toilets were installed, and they started installing the hardwood floor.

It is pretty amazing the progress that they are making now. By the end of this week basically everything will be completed. The following two weeks appear to be for miscellaneous final cleanup. I'm pretty excited that just three weeks from today we will be closing.


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