Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Details

This morning Linzy and I did our official walkthrough of the new house. It was something we've been looking forward to for weeks as it signals that everything is finally 'done'. Except for all of the stuff that you ask to be fixed or touched up during that walkthrough.

We had kind of cheated and gone over to the house on Monday evening to get a head start on checking everything out. There are a lot windows to open, outlets to test, scuff marks to inspect, etc, and we wanted to have a chance to go through once before the real walkthrough to decide on what types of things we were going to ask to have fixed. Unfortunately that took some of the excitement out of the walkthrough, because we had already seen the house all cleaned up.

It was also quite a bit more awkward then I was expecting to point out things to have fixed. While finding things that you want fixed is pretty much the whole point of the walkthrough, I frequently felt like a nitpicking jerk when pointing out some small ding on the trim that I wanted stain applied to, or places where a bit of paint had dripped onto the edge of a door.

Because realistically two days after we move in, there will be a hundred new little defects that we make. And mot of the things we found were not showstoppers. But at the same time we are paying a ridiculous amount of money for the house, and so at some level it should be done right. Expecting a professional painter to tape the trim and apply paint in all of the corners doesn't really seem like it is asking too much.

This unease over where to draw the line between what we requested to be fixed and what was ignored ended up making the whole walkthrough turn out to be much more tedious then exciting. However in the end, I felt pretty good about the list of things that we settled on and the overall state of the house. Four days to go!

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McBrideFarm said...

I would probably have felt the same about pointing out the things that need to be fixed, but it will be great to have them taken care of. :) Not too long and you will be in there!