Monday, January 18, 2010

No Quitting

One of the last things that needed to be arranged for the new house was cable/internet service. Since we won't have a landline, satellite and DSL didn't make much sense, so Charter became the defacto winner.

Apparently Charter has clamped down on the deals these days, as the promotional bundles weren't that great of deals. I ended up settling on a 24-month guaranteed price, for around $15 bucks less a month then we were paying previously but without any fun movie channels. Not my best work.

Anyways, the interesting thing with the 24-month guaranteed deals is that while it saves you roughly $300 over taking a 6-month deal, you have to agree to a number of additional requirements. The main requirement is that you have to subscribe to all of the services involved in the deal the entire 24-month period, and have to pay your bill (oh really?). If you don't, then they hit you with an early termination fee to the tune of $150. What is this, a cell phone plan?

We've had a multi-year deal with Charter once before, but there were no ETF shenanigans at that time. Apparently they heard there was money to made from the fickle American consumer changing their minds and switching services, and so jumped on the ETF bandwagon. The interesting thing is that the ETF drops $5 a month during the deal, which if you do the math means that it still hasn't fully run out even in the last month of the deal.

Since we're been pretty stable subscribers to cable for many years, I'm not particularly concerned about it, but I did consider not taking the deal because of the ETF. In the end my inner cheapskate won out.

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