Monday, February 15, 2010


Several weeks ago Linzy and I went over to the DMV to update our licenses. The process was reasonably easy, even with the almost cliche crabby attendants running the counter.

So last week my new license showed up in the mail and life was good. Until I was inspecting it for errors and realized the zip code was incorrect. It was still showing our old zip code which made me assume that I had written it down wrong, but after checking it was a mistake on their end.

Thinking about how to arrange time to go to the DMV during their business hours made me sad. While I was trying to figure out how I would work that out, I noticed on the pamphlet an e-mail address where it said to e-mail if you had problems.

On a whim I decided to e-mail them and see if I could avoid a trip back to the DMV. A day later I got a reply looking for my drivers license number, and a day after I sent them that, I got another reply saying that they found the error and a new license was on its way.

No trip to the DMV required, no arguing with angry DMV employees about how the wrong zip code got on the license, just a couple e-mails and everything is fixed. It was probably the way the system was 'supposed' to work. I was quite happy. I even promise not to sell the unclipped license to a bald 19-year old.

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