Sunday, February 21, 2010

Organization System: Piles

DSC_5055I've never had a three-car garage. Our old house had a two-car garage that was most likely the mathematical minimum for a garage to be called "two-car". Through careful planning, custom shelves, and generally trying to avoid having to put anything extra in the garage, we could fit both cars, the lawn mower, snow blower and the bikes.

The new house has a three-car garage that, compared with the old one, feels pretty spacious. Unfortunately I haven't had the time yet to build some shelves and actually arrange things in a reasonable manner. The result being the haphazard piles pictured above.

The good part is that as unorganized as everything is, it still fits very comfortably in the extra space, so no one has to park a car outside. Linzy is an understanding wife, but that seems like it would get me in trouble.

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