Sunday, February 14, 2010


The new family room didn't end up being arranged quite the way that I was originally thinking it would be. Well, it is arranged the way I was expecting, but there wasn't quite as much room where the TV is and so that meant that the speakers wouldn't fit the way I wanted. And that was as much of an excuse as I needed to buy new speakers, which have been long overdue.

So over the past couple weeks I've been slowly amassing speakers and speaker-related paraphernalia off the internet to be able to setup the family room. Unfortunately it's been an extremely iterative process, because I can never seem to plan everything I am going to need and order it all at once. There is still one piece on it's way, and that will make a grand total of five separate orders worth of stuff.

First I ordered the five speakers, and separately the subwoofer. This was a long story, but basically they didn't offer the 5.1 version of the speakers that I bought anymore, so I bought what is probably a better subwoofer separately through Amazon. Then a few days later I decided that banana plugs and 5-way binding post plate covers were far too expensive locally and ordered those from monoprice instead.

Later that week the speakers showed up (but not the woofer) and I discovered that they could not be mounted via the keyhole slots in the way that I thought they would be able to. So I had to order mounting kits, again from monoprice. And again wait a while for shipping.

Eventually by this weekend I finally had everything, only to realize that I had miscounted the banana plugs. I soldiered ahead with direct connections in some spots, but then realized that the center channel wiring that I wanted to do was not going to work. So that necessitated the fifth separate order, for a speaker shelf to put on the TV.

At this point we're up and running, but it took a ridiculous amount of ordering and that doesn't even address additional banana plugs if I decide to order more of those. Clearly I needed to do a bit more actual planning, rather then just ordering random stuff and then trying to make it work once it showed up. On the other hand, since I was ordering everything sight-unseen, it was a little hard to figure out how everything would work until I actually saw it. On the plus side the speakers sound good for how little I spent on them.

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