Monday, February 01, 2010

Pippen Island

While Linzy and I are thrilled with the new house, our dog Pippen is not as enthusiastic. You might even say she hates it.

The biggest trouble is the hardwood floors, which unfortunately for Pippen cover most of the main level and you can't even get to the stairs to the bedrooms without walking on them. Pippen's refusal to step on the hardwood floors meant that she was more-or-less in self-imposed exile in the (carpeted) great room which we were referring to as Pippen island.

Combined with her refusal to have anything to do with the stairs, Pippen spent several miserable days stubbornly stuck in the family room and having to be carried up and down the stairs. After a few days she started at least going up the stairs (but not down), and would make terrified dashes from rug to carpeted rooms or going out into the dinette (but not around the corner and down the hall).

On Saturday we had plans at night and so left Pippen alone for the evening. At some point she must have worked up the courage to go down the hall and up the stairs, where she ended up being effectively trapped (luckily a bed is up there for her). When we got home, she was laying at the top of the stairs, stuck thanks to her refusal to go down the stairs.

Things have gradually been getting better and on Sunday Pippen finally went down the stairs for the first time by herself. We felt pretty terrible watching the dog work through her neuroses, but helpless at the same time. It still takes a lot of coaxing to get her to go across the floors, but that is getting less each day so there appears to be hope that at some point she'll get used to the new place.

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