Thursday, February 04, 2010


On of the things that I found myself missing while we were in between houses was Rock Band. Not regularly, as things were generally pretty busy and I had a few other games to play, but every now and thing I would feel like playing some Rock Band 2 and couldn't.

So last weekend after things had started to get settled in at the house a bit, I found a bit of time to play some Rock Band. I bought some new songs that I had been looking forward to for quite a while and....found that I'm ridiculously rusty. Embarrassingly rusty.

Now I bought a pack of new songs which were all rated in the highest two difficulty levels, so they aren't easy, but most should have been very playable on expert. Except that I didn't pass any of them.

Looks like I'll have some practicing to do before I'm ready for songs from Rust in Peace, which will surely be added to the collection.

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Anonymous said...

Hanger 18 rocks... first megadeth song I learned how to play on the guitar.. many, many moons ago...