Sunday, February 28, 2010


On Friday afternoon Linzy and I went to the Home & Garden show downtown. It wasn't quite as directly useful as we were expecting, but we did get a lot of names and information for contractors that we might need this spring/summer.

By the time we left it was getting late and so we were going to eat dinner out. After much discussion over where would be a good place, we eventually decided on a whim to go to Cracker Barrel. Primarily because it is always packed, Linzy had never been there and was curious as to what would draw such crowds.

The menu was exactly what I remembered it being: absolutely ridiculous comfort food. I was joking with Linzy on the way over that they would have chicken-fried anything, such as chicken-fried lasagna. While they didn't have that, exactly, they certainly had biscuits and anything. Linzy got roast beef which came with three sides and when she asked for one side to be a corn muffin the waitress goes "Oh honey, everything comes with bread here, you don't have to use a side for that". The waitress then recommended the cheesy hashbrown bake.

Probably the most telling note about the menu I could make is that the vegetable of the day on Friday was "Brown rice". Yes, seriously.

Now, despite the fact that we spent most of our meal laughing over the menu, and joking about how almost everyone in the place was over 65, I should say that our meal was actually quite tasty. I mean, how can you go wrong with a meal like four buttermilk biscuits and country sausage patties, along with steak fries for under $7?

I don't have a burning desire to go back anytime soon, but it was fun for something different.


Suzi said...

We love the Cracker Barrel for exactly the same reasons--pure crazy comfort food. Their pancakes are ridiculously good. Best to go during the winter and sit next to the fire. :)

Stopping by from Lazy Lightning's blog. Been reading for a while--first time to comment. Congrats on the new house, it's lovely.

Steve Eck said...


Thanks for the comment. Judging by the buttermilk biscuits, I can see how their pancakes would be good. :)