Monday, March 22, 2010

Accurate Recommendations

The other day I was on Netflix updating our queue and I noticed a recommended "Instant" show: Everest: Beyond the Limit. The show was recommended with 4 stars, which is pretty rare and so I added it to the queue. Linzy and I watched the six-episode first season over the past week or so and were completely hooked.

The show followed a bunch of random people who were trying to climb Mount Everest with Russell Brice's climbing company. It covered the six weeks spent on the mountain acclimatizing, and then the several day stretch when the teams actually tried for the summit.

It was really interesting seeing all the challenges of trying to get to the summit, the totally unexpected way things could go wrong, and the struggles people went through. Probably the most amazing climber was Mark Inglis, who was a double-amputee and the first double amputee to reach the summit of Everest. The show was a little drawn out, but it was still exciting to see who was going to make it to the top and all of the drama that happened along the way.

I'm sure we'll also be watching season 2, but I highly recommend Everest: Beyond the Limit Season 1.

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