Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's been well documented here how much trouble Linzy and I generally have trying to agree on new furniture to buy. Lately with the new house there were several rooms that needed additional furniture, so we've been doing an awful lot of furniture shopping. We still haven't gotten much better at buying new furniture but when it comes to used Craigslist furniture we're like crazy impulse shoppers. In the past month or so we've bought three tables and a sleigh bed.

For some reason we've been having a much easier time agreeing on used furniture then we do for new furniture. In the case of the sleigh bed we had to rent a truck to pick it up, which effectively amounted to us buying it sight-unseen. Which is completely not the way that normal furniture purchases go.

I suppose the main difference is the pricing, as we aren't buying the high-end multi-thousand dollar furniture that people are always trying to hawk, but rather modestly priced items in good condition. But at the same time, I don't think the pricing is the whole story. Perhaps it is a desire to quickly fill any mostly empty rooms, or pent-up demand for furniture that we would never have been able to fit into our old house, or my pleasure in seeing Linzy excited about finding deals on nice furniture.

But whatever the reason, I've found it interesting how much different it's been.

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