Wednesday, March 03, 2010

DId You Hear That?

For some reason last week I watched quite a few movies. It seems like we did a lot of other things as well, so I'm not quite sure why so much time was spent on movies.

Inglorious Basterds: I watched this while exercising and enjoyed it quite a bit. I was not particularly expecting to like it based on previews but after hearing good things from a few people I decided to add it to the queue. It wasn't as disturbingly violent as I was expecting (though it did have its moments) and I thought the story was interesting.

Jarhead: I randomly started watching while I was waiting for Linzy to return from running errands. I ended up getting intrigued and finished it later in the weekend when I found that it was streamable. Unfortunately it didn't really turn out to be as good as I was hoping. It was a different sort of look at being a soldier, but overall I found it a bit boring. Although that could be the point since it primarily focuses on the strains of dealing with the lack of activity in war.

Guild Season 2: Very entertaining, and much more polished then the first season. I'm eager to watch season 3.

Paranormal Activity: Linzy and I watched this together one night with all the lights out in the house and it definitely made you jumpy. Linzy said that for the past week every time she hears a noise at night she wakes up in a cold sweat. For a $15,000 budget it was a pretty entertaining movie. In a lot of ways it is reminiscent of Blair Witch, with a bit more polish and far less shaky camera work. If you like your horror movies tense and without monsters, this comes highly recommended.

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