Tuesday, March 16, 2010


On the day we moved into the new house, we put up some temporary paper blinds on the windows in the master bedroom and bathroom. The blinds were something my boss recommended, you can buy them at Home Depot for a couple bucks, cut them to size, and then stick them to the window frame. They didn't look too bad, considering, and worked well for the past 6 weeks. The fact that they worked well slowed down the process of getting real blinds because, well, those are expensive and the paper ones were fine.

On Monday we finally had our regular blinds (Hunter Douglas) installed, and they of course look much nicer then the temporary ones. The interesting thing about the blinds was the pricing schemes. As far as I can tell, everyone offers discount blinds. The actual discount varies, but as far as I can tell it is not actually possible to buy full-priced blinds.

But even among discounted places the prices vary widely. We had a 'budget' blind place come out and give an estimate that was pretty outrageous. After doing some research on the different products we switched things to a lower level (but still nice) blind and cut the price by about 30%. From there we compared with AmericanBlinds.com, and found that the exact same blinds were another 20% cheaper.

Now normally I'd be inclined to give the business to the guy who came out and spent time with us. But when you are talking an entire house full of blinds, 20% is real money. Then on a whim I searched on the Internet for a coupon for American Blinds and found a 15% off the whole order coupon in the first 30 seconds.

That brought the price for everything (including measuring and professional installation through the website) to less then half the original estimate and less then a third of list price. I was pretty happy with the whole process as the blinds look great and even though we bought fancier blinds then I was originally planning on, the price came in almost right on budget. That's a rare, rare thing around Chez Eck these days.

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