Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sweet Mud Pit

DSC_5084We're still several months from having grass at the new house, and the melting snow over the past few weeks has reminded us of just how muddy those months are going to be.

I never really considered what a difference grass made in separating a yard from something you would take a monster truck through. Right now our 'yard' consists of about 6 inches of super sloppy mud. Linzy walked around the house with a guy doing gutter estimates and was sinking into the ground up to her calves.

This wouldn't necessarily be so bad, except that Pippen still has to go outside many times a day, and as far as I can tell has mastered the art of sizing up the yard in a single glance so as to take the most mud-filled path from the door to the sidewalk possible. We still have a long road ahead at this point, as the irrigation system can't be installed until sometime in mid-to-late-May and there's landscaping to lay out, all before the grass can be put in.

Hopefully by late June these muddy months will be a distant memory.

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