Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Need You to Trust Me

The last week or so I've been re-watching 24: Season 1 while I exercise. I've owned the DVDs for a long time (Linzy got them for me at Christmas a while back) but I've never gone back and actually watched them. But now that there's no Netflix streaming in the exercise area delays in DVD shipping mean I'm watching more discs that we have around the house.

Anyways, watching season 1 again years later is an interesting experience, as I remembered some of what happened but not all of the specifics. It is also interesting to compare the show with how it has changed over the years and also not changed over the years. Watching episode 7, where Jack appears to kill Nina and the episode ends with you finding out she is still alive, is a perfect example of how good the writing on that show could be. I distinctly remembered watching that the first time and thinking "wow, this show is awesome". It was pretty cool the second time too, except for wanting to shout "She's evil, don't trust her" at the TV.

Of course I also remember how crazy the show generally gets by the end of the season, and how I am usually tired of it by the time they've 'solved' the first conspiracy only to find out there is an even crazier one behind it. On the other hand, season 1 ends with the most completely unexpected twist of all, when Teri is offed with just minutes left in the 'day'.

I haven't watched the show for a while (not since Season 6), after they refused to let Netflix have 24: Redemption. But I might just have to start watching it again.

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