Sunday, March 21, 2010

Minimum Standards

Yesterday I spent some time browsing the local hardware stores for shelving/organizational products for the still-messy garage. The main goal was to get something for hanging the shovels and rakes on the wall rather then having them in a pile leaning against the wall.

Since this is a garage, the main criteria was 'cheap'. After looking at Home Depot, I decided that I didn't really want to spend $20 on each three foot section of hanger mounts, so I went across the street to Menards. There I discovered something that I didn't think existed: a minimum standard for just how cheap a product I am willing to put into my garage.

Everything Menards had was cheaper then Home Depot, which was the point of going there, but it was also nearly all crap. There was a Rubbermaid system that looked nice, but it was even more expensive then what I had already rejected at Home Depot. The rest of the stuff was really cheap looking, such as a tin-foil thickness metal hanger with bendable tabs for hanging things.

I ended up going back to Home Depot and buying one of their more moderately priced hangers. If you had asked me before I went out looking, I would honestly have said I was just going to buy whatever the cheapest one was, since it was for hanging rakes on after all. Unfortunately I am now embarrassed to admit that I am a shovel-hanger snob.

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