Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was looking back at past posts today and realized it has been a while since I collected up random movie reviews into a post. The weather has been nicer lately, so there aren't quite as many to touch on for March as there were back in February.

Angels & Demons: I thought this was entertaining if predictable. I haven't read any of Dan Brown's books, but I did watch The Davinci Code when it came out for rental. Not having read the books, as far as I can tell, is actually a plus since a mystery where you already know the ending is somewhat less fun. It also allows me to not get hung up on things like Angels & Demons being a prequel, or the major plot changes that adaption to a movie brings.

Flight of the Conchords: Season 2: I enjoyed season 1, even if it was somewhat uneven in how funny it was. Season 2 was even more uneven and that made me not enjoy it very much. There were a few episodes that were good but there were also many that just didn't do it for me. I watched this while exercising and that may have increased my frustration with the slow-paced shows.

Up in the Air: Linzy and I watched this a few weekends ago and I mentioned it here. It was pretty good, if a bit depressing. I was interested in how it handled business travel, glamorizing it to some extent but also touching on some of the bigger ways that it sucks. I can definitely relate to the desire for miles, if not for the miles themselves, for the upgrades that come with them.

Whiteout: Linzy and I watched this a couple weeks back and both found it interesting. The setting in Antarctica added some excitement to an otherwise fairly normal murder mystery. There were a few parts when you wanted to yell at the characters for being so stupid, but it was OK overall.

Anvil: The Story of Anvil: I watched this while exercising and enjoyed it quite a bit. I had never heard of Anvil, but I had seen a trailer for the movie back when it was originally in limited release. The documentary of the like of an 'almost made it' rock band, the relationship of the two founding members still trying to do what they love, the struggles of putting a tour together with no money, etc made for interesting viewing. I thought that the director did a good job of respectfully showing their lives and dreams. It would have been easy to do a Spinal Tap treatment and make a mockery of two guys trying to live their dream while also not covering up the fact that most of the time they were playing to empty bars.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The movie: I enjoyed the original Fullmetal Alchemist TV series, but it has been a many, many years since I watched it. That made the movie (which follows along after the TV series) pretty confusing at first. I couldn't remember who some of the characters were, who had turned out to be evil, etc. Eventually it all came back and I thought the movie was OK. Not nearly as good as the TV shows, however.

We Are Marshall: I watched this while exercising this weekend and it was terrific. The blurb on the back cover calls it an inspiring drama, and that's about as accurate a summary as you can possibly get. I didn't know anything about the Marshall football team's plane crash, but the movie was gripping, well-paced, and featured terrific acting. You couldn't help but cheer for the players, coaches and team as they tried to put the football program, and town, back together after having 75 people die in a plane crash. You don't have to like football movies to enjoy We are Marshall. Although that doesn't hurt.

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Bill Roehl said...

I saw Up In The Air last weekend and mostly enjoyed it.

I saw We Are Marshall soon after it came out on DVD (last year?) and thought it was good. It was interesting seeing a school that was in my college's conference and the story behind it all.