Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Parking

The other morning I was running late after having late conference calls the night before and so I got to my bus stop at a different time then normal. I was expecting to be in-between buses, but when I got there a bus was sitting at the normal spot ready to go. There was also another bus behind it, but there was no driver so I didn't think anything of it and got onto the first bus.

A few minutes later while I was settled in and not paying attention all of the sudden there was all kinds of commotion and a second driver yelling at the bus driver. Then one person slowly stood up and looked around very confused, and got off the bus. Other people slowly started tickling out, looking around at each other with expressions like "What's happening? Why are we getting off?".

It turned out that the first bus was actually supposed to be a later bus, but had arrived early. And rather then parking back off to the side like normal, he had pulled up to the front as if it was his turn to pick up passengers. The other bus driver had gotten there later, been confused for a bit but eventually got on the first bus to 'inform' (that is yell at) that driver to kick everyone off and go back to his waiting area.

Let me tell you, when you are half asleep and used to just getting on the bus and being driven downtown, it was all very confusing.

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