Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Postal Service

I saw today that the postal service is talking about making changes to try to balance their books given the huge decline in mail volumes over the past 10 years. Among the things you might expect, like raising stamp prices and cutting jobs, they are also looking at reducing service to weekdays-only.

For the most part, this doesn't seem like something most people are going to get up in arms about. These days we get very little in the mail that is actually important. Mostly bills, a couple magazines, the occasional card or letter, etc. Getting that on Monday instead of Saturday is not going to spark a vehement debate. Except for that red Netflix envelope.

While we stream as many movies as we can from Netflix, the vast majority of the new movies we watch are regular DVDs from their mail service. No Saturday delivery means more delays in getting the movies back and forth, and those rising stamp prices probably mean that costs will be going up.

Still probably not enough for me to get all up-in-arms about postal service changes, but it does hit a little closer to home then thinking that I might not get those junk mail airline credit card offers until a few days later.

Mostly it just reminds me how much I wish that the movie studios would join the rest of us in the year 2007 and understand that streaming movies are not different from having a Netflix DVD in my hands. In fact at least with streaming they don't have to worry about the movie being ripped to an iPod.


Bill Roehl said...

I just wish they'd offer a reasonably priced streaming only option. I have no use for a $10/month DVD by mail service but I would have a lot of use for a $3/month streaming...

Steve Eck said...

I'd be game for a streaming-only option, if they could get a better selection of movies available for streaming. While the selection is better since they signed the agreement with Starz, it is still not-so-good.