Thursday, March 04, 2010

True Love

DSC_3779Our dog Pippen has gotten fat. The stress of moving this summer apparently triggered her to overcompensate with food, until she ballooned up to close to 11 pounds (from 9.5). It doesn't sound like much, but 15% weight gain make a big difference.

So, much to her dismay, we started rationing Pippen's food to a limited amount in the morning and evening. This has been working pretty well, and she is basically back down to where her weight should be. But it also inspires all sorts of annoying/bizarre behavior related to her food.

In the mornings when I get up, when I come out of the closet dressed, she is already sitting by the bedroom door ready to head downstairs. I let her outside, where she sprints out into the yard, does her business, and runs back to the house as fast as she possibly can. Then she spends a minute working up the courage to brave the hardwood floor into the kitchen, while I go and get her food.

By the time I get back in the room with her jar of food, she is sitting in front of the bowl waiting. She dutifully waits until the food is poured and permission is given to eat, and then proceeds to scarf down her food. By the time I've walked over to the other side of the kitchen and gotten a bowl, she is usually done. Before I've gotten to the pantry for cereal, she's already gone back upstairs and back to bed.

Because, you know, she's already eaten, so what point would there be in continuing to hang out with me? Total time spent on the entire process: about 3 minutes.

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Bill Roehl said...

That's exactly what Buddy does--and has done for the 6 years we've owned him.