Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Getting Old

Blogging has been spotty at best for quite a while around these parts but even more so this past week. That was mostly due to an issue at work on Monday that ended up going until 4am on Tuesday morning. My team got the worst of it, I was actually able to get three or four hours of sleep in several 1-hour chunks, but I was basically useless the next day. By around 3pm I had a roaring headache and ended up heading home early (well early for me: 4:30). I accomplished basically nothing at home, watching the end of Everest Season 2 with Linzy and then heading to bed early.

On the bright side I was fully recovered the next day, but I was still surprised at how worthless I was on just a little less sleep. It seems like there was a time when that wouldn't have been a big deal, or at least I would have been moderately useful the next day.

Next thing you know I'll be complaining about the weather and my achy knees. Oh wait, I already do that.

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