Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NFL Draft

Although I don't talk about it too often on here, my sport of choice to follow is football. And specifically professional football in the NFL, while I can enjoy football at all levels I don't follow college football very closely.

Anyways, even though I do like following my team closely one thing I've never gotten into is the draft. I like seeing the results of course, but it is nearly impossible to watch because everything moves so ridiculously slowly. 15 minutes a pick feels like an eternity and there is only so much you can say about the players before you've heard it all (if you haven't already heard it all in the weeks leading up to the draft).

So I am puzzled by the move of the first, second and third rounds to primetime on Thursday and Friday. I'm sure there are people who like watching the draft (maybe people who are more into college ball then I am) but good lord, I find it boring. Even following a ticker of the selections is dull since nothing changes.

I guess I will just be checking the results the following morning on the Internet. I'm hoping the Vikings take a gamble and pick Colt McCoy with their 30th pick, but I don't have much confidence they will be able to avoid the lure of a cornerback.

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